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Press Visa to Iran, Iran Political Structure, Iran Media Guide


Foreign Media Service Center in Iran

We arrange press visa to Iran for journalists among several other services for the foreign media. We explain Iran political structure for those who would like to learn about the foundation of this political system. We also provide you with a lot of information on Iran Media Guide.

Ivan Sahar is the "Foreign Media Service Center" you are looking for. Here, you will find all the services and information needed for Journalistic work in Iran.

1. Press visa to Iran

You will have to obtain a press visa to Iran if you have decided to travel to Iran as a journalist.

To obtain press visa to Iran, you have to go through a certain procedure. We tell you what the procedures are for acquiring press visa to Iran.

Also, we help you not to waste your time. Instead, as we are stationed in Tehran, Iran, we will follow up your request.

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2. Iran Political Structure

Iran political structure is based on a republic system. Still, it is a unique system that requires to be explained in details.

The reason beyond such uniqueness is the roots of emergence and the formation of Iran political structure.

With the help of outlining the sources of authority and power, we have simply explained Iran political structure and its components.

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3. Iran Media Guide

Iran media guide is an effort to help you reach all the informative Iranian media at the tips of your fingers at one website.

Iran media guide has been organized according to the subjects they cover.

No matter what topics you are following on the news about Iran, you will definitely find your favorite topic at this Iran media guide.

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Foreign Media Services in Iran

Journalists need press visa to enter Iran, press card to work inside Iran, permissions to work in certain locations, interpreters, arrangements for interviews with officials and non-officials, technical services, special services and other general services.

We, at Ivan Sahar Company, provide you with all of the services above. Learn more about our services at Foreign Media Services in Iran!


Learn About Iran History and Iran Geography

We are well-aware of the key role the background information on Iran can play at your work. So, we have provided two sections on Iran History and Iran geography for you to learn more about Iran.

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